Open Society’s final night in SoBro

SoBro’s Open Society announced their closing this afternoon, effective almost immediately with tonight being their last dinner service. There will be a limited menu from the kitchen along with full bar options.

Owner & sommelier Brian Baker cited failed attempts to make changes as the reason behind the close. Open Society opened in Spring 2016 – offering early coffee and pastry service, daily brunch followed by small plates and an extensive wine list to fill out the evening’s menu.

The kitchen staff overturned on more than one occasion and over time the restaurant adopted more traditional hours. Brunch became available on weekends only and through the week, Open Society was only open for dinner hours.

In addition to tonight’s closing, Open Society is opening the wine cellar for those who want to take home a personal favorite. Hope isn’t lost as Baker stated that the doors could re-open down the road with a new concept or remain as Open Society with some work.

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