North End Barbecue & Moonshine Closes

My dad and I are all about seafood. I can’t recall how many time I’ve heard him talk about North End’s shrimp and grits but unfortunately I won’t get to try them. In late March we rode by in hopes of getting some takeout but they weren’t open and to my knowledge haven’t been open since.

We rode by again this past Friday and saw that it still wasn’t open so I decided to look up what was going on and I found this piece from WISH TV saying that they’ve closed due to troubles brought about because of COVID-19. North End’s Facebook has since been deactivated but their closing statement can be seen on the WISH TV article. Gift cards for North End can be used at Late Harvest and I saw on their menu that they have shrimp and grits so I’ll have to try those out!

Milktooth Will Host 4th of July Celebration Benefiting Black Lives Matter

“Our windows and our clippers can be replaced. The lives of so many that were taken can not be replaced.”