Black-Owned Indy Food Businesses to Support Right Now

As protests continue in our city and throughout the country in response to police brutality, there are many ways you can take action in support of Black Lives – like supporting black-owned businesses. There are many bars & restaurants around Indianapolis that serve our communities. Here’s a running list, which we’ll continue to update, of these establishments and their location.

#1 Bar-B-Q Heaven
Location: 2515 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. Indianapolis, IN

  1. How can I get a list of the business names and addresses maybe sorted by categories for an easy reference?

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#3 Gordon’s Milkshake Bar

Location: 865 Mass Ave.

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#4 Chef Oya’s The Trap

Location: 3355 N. Keystone Avenue

  1. Haven’t tried the chowder but the crab legs are not very good…..I have tried them 4 different times with each different butter!

  2. Why is this picture showing them sitting down eating?? This NOT a a SITDOWN restaurant! There’s ONE BENCH outside of the TRAILER! You STAND in line to order and the STAND in line or sit on the bench or wait on your car for your order!

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#5 Cleo’s Bodega Grocery & Cafe

Location: 2432 Doctor M.L.K. Jr St.


  1. ALL OF THE SMOOTHIE options are stellar & so are the Brewer’s Vegan Cookies !!! My faves are Date, Sunbutter & Snickerdoodle!

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#7 Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles

Address: 132 North East St.

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#9 Michael’s Soul Kitchen

Location: 115 East Ohio St.

  1. Excellent atmosphere, great food, great service, great band the night we were there celebrating my sisters bday? in feb.2020.

    • They closed for COVID-19 but were feeding people free every day….their business was vandalized during the riots ?

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#10 R&R Extreme Wings

Location: 4361 N. Keystone Ave.

  1. Overrated. Food was fried hard, so hard it hurt! That was a one time try and that’s all it took for me. Wing stop is still better.

  2. Really excited about ordering from here. Very disappointed. These wings are not good. Very salty. Ordered four different flavors for family members. Everyone had the same complaint.

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#12 Chef Tia & Co.

Location: 4955 W Washington St.

  1. Had the lamb chops.. tender but didn’t like the taste. Very disappointed in my meal choice. Daughter has some fries with chicken & loved them

  2. Chef Tia & Co is amazing! I’ve been several times and highly recommend. The Mac, Lamb Chops, Po’ Boys, Wings, it’s all good!

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#17 Exotic On the Run

Location: 3106 w. 16th St.

  1. I haven’t been to the new location, but the 38th st location had the best boils out of all the places that do boils these days. they also give your money’s worth and had awesome specials. I love Exotic on the Run and I sent everybody I knew there.

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#19 His Place Eatery

Location: 6916 E 30th St

  1. I have never been so disappointed in food. The price was too much for the serving the food was not good and they talked me into getting peach cobbler. this peach cobbler had about 4 slices of peaches no crust and it just pored out of the container.

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  1. Wing’n It. At the plaza of West 79th St and Michigan Road. I know it’s kinda far from downtown, but it’s black-owned and (in my opinion) their wings hit different.

  2. Search Results
    Featured snippet from the web

    A&I Meats and Produce is the only Black-Owned Grocery Store on the far eastside, and has become a rallying point for the greater community of Indianapolis as a whole. 38th & Post Rd. It sits in the same parking lot as the old Krogers.

  3. Here are some vegetarian/vegan black-owned businesses to add:

    Cul de Sac Kitchen –
    Smooves Indy –
    Brewer Bakes –
    Mama P’s Bakery and Cafe –
    Mrs. Murray’s Naturals –
    Free Juice Indy –
    The Healthy Food Cafe –
    The Alkaline Electric Goddess –

  4. Two of my family’s favorites! Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant and Major East African Restaurant!

  5. Please add Smak’z chicken on this. This is another black owned business that offers professional service and great food! 317-970-1330

  6. I’m pretty sure Tammy’s International Pizza on West Washington belongs on this list, but a car crashed into their storefront earlier this month so I don’t know if they’re planning to be open again soon. 🙁

  7. Marble’s Southern Cookery is a my family’s black owned southern food restaurant! Been in Indy for 40 + years !

  8. Perk Up Cafe in Broad Ripple is POC, immigrant and women-owned. Jeanette is Black and from Germany & Alice is Japanese from Brazil. I used to work for them, and they are seriously two of the hardest working and nicest people that I have ever known. Great bread, pastries, and coffee roasted in house.

  9. Shrimp Hut on high school Rd is black owned
    Harolds’s chicken is black owned
    Big O’s Bar BBQ is black owned both on 38th and Lafayette Rd.
    Mississippi Belle is not black owned Just operated

  10. Shrimp Hut on high school Rd is black owned
    Harolds’s chicken is black owned
    Big O’s Bar BBQ is black owned both on 38th and Lafayette Rd.
    Mississippi Belle is not black owned Just operated

  11. Shrimp Hut on high school Rd
    Harolds’s chicken
    Big O’s Bar BBQ is both on 38th and Lafayette Rd.

    Mississippi Belle is not black owned Just operated

  12. Moe’s Cafe and Social Club. Daytime Cafe, Night time lounge. Serving the east side with a broad menu. Black owned husband and wife.

  13. Seafood King off 38th and Emerson
    Sip & Share Wines, Black owned boutique Winery making vegan wines delivers for free to Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

  14. Thanks for the informative article! My husband and I are excited to support local black-owned businesses!

  15. Soul n spice (Latin and soul food + meal prep options??)

    Mobile meal prep and food delivery

    Owned by Brandon Norris

    Operating out of Indys Kitchen
    2442 central ave Indianapolis in

  16. Mrs. Murray’s naturals. Some of the best vegan food I’ve had in the city. Not sure if they have a store front but they are at farmers markets and you can find their food at various places around town!

  17. Can you please add Paleo Soul (7305 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana) – delicious food and the best customer service

  18. I’m amazed that these businesses are considered black the Shrimp Hut was not even mention the Shrimp Hut has been in Indianapolis for 50 years and it is black owned in the black community and it was not listed who do you have to talk to in order to get recognition or what fee are people paying for this advertising

  19. Thank you for the list. We can’t wait to try many of these.

    The Flatiron at The Point on Penn, owned by Chef Glenn Brown and wife Rolanda, is a local favorite downtown.

  20. Please add Da Blue Lagoon (Jamaican food). Graham Levy opened it 3 years ago, near Oaklandon.
    11705 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN 46236

  21. Central Seafood E. 34th & Central is black owned. Very, very good. Deliciously fried fresh fish and slaw.

  22. We would love to be included on this list. Stars Sandwich Market 443 Pennsylvania St Indianapolis IN 46204. 317-822-9999. My name is Terry Anthony and I’m the owner.

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