Cool down with a treat from Delicias Jalisco

Yesterday was suuuper hot. As I was running an errand near Delicias Jalisco off North Michigan Road I couldn’t keep myself from stopping in. I got the mangollada as I always do. It’s a perfect combination of spicy, salty, and sweet and not to mention cold thus my strong need for it at the time.

A mangollada is a Mexican treat served in a cup with mango sorbet and mango chunks. It is garnished with chamoy and a straw coated with tamarind.

My mom got a coconut paleta (water or milk based Mexican popsicle typically containing but isn’t limited to having fruit) which was also really yummy. I have yet to try any other snacks or sweets at this establishment because the mangollada never disappoints but there were other paleta flavors that looked really good and there were several ice cream flavors that also caught my eye in addition to the Dorilocos.

Be sure to visit one of their three Indianapolis locations when you have the time.

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