Futuro brings Detroit style pizza to the Near Eastside this winter

Update: Futuro will be testing and giving away free food with a “Pizza Party Pickup” for a few days before opening.

When Fountain Square’s Kuma’s Corner temporarily closed earlier this year due the coronavirus pandemic, co-owner Luke Tobias and his wife started making pizza in their home.

Garnering the attention of many family and friends, Tobias realized they had something special and began putting plans in place for a new venture – Futuro.

Futuro is expected to open in February just East of Downtown, offering three pie options — thin square-cut, deep dish inspired by Chicago’s Burt’s Place, and Detroit’s rectangular-style pizza.

The full menu will release in a couple weeks but diners can expect a variety of different sauces and toppings made in house, along with a variety of vegan options.

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