Award winning chef under fire regarding controversial Jewish joke

Milktooth owner Jon Brooks is in the news once again after making controversial remarks Friday on his Instagram regarding his restaurant’s new Jewish deli-inspired menu.

His page, now private, read “If I’m not “really Jewish” then how would I be so familiar with the taste of children’s blood?” following criticism that Milktooth was appropriating Jewish culture.

Brooks claims to be Jewish himself and claims that comments were simply a joke.

In a post on his Facebook story, Brooks posted the screenshots below of an email from his grandfather:

The popular restaurateur is no stranger to controversy. His other restaurant Beholder was involved in some disputes a couple years ago with the near Eastside community regarding artwork on the side of its building of two rabbits engaged in a sexual act.

This latest controversy is sure to create an uproar for Brooks and his restaurants as anti-Semitic comments are taken very seriously by all — joke or not.

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