Forbes: The Trap’s Chef Oya is following her own path

Forbes, November 24 – “Since opening The Trap in Indianapolis’ Eastside in 2017, Chef Oya Woodruff has established herself not just as one of the city’s most exciting chefs – but a tireless champion for social justice, too. What’s most interesting about her journey, though, is how she’s refused to play by anyone’s rules but her own. She says, “I believe in taking charge, and shifting the paradigm purposefully.” From the location of her walk-up joint serving seafood trays smothered in her irresistible Trap Buttah to the amount of food she regularly gives to those in need, one thing is clear: Chef Oya’s way is the right way.

Ahead, she shares why she made seafood the specialty of The Trap, her commitment to serving the hungry, and what first-timers should order.”


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