Rally’s is debuting new crispy chicken tenders coated in their fan favorite fry seasoning

There is an age-old argument on social media, in the break room at work and family kitchens across America about who has the best french fries. One of the top contenders every year is Rally’s.

That special blend of spice, crispiness and airiness has made them a fan favorite — so much so that you can find them in the frozen food section of your local grocery store and people will go to the restaurant for the fries alone.

What makes them so special? Rally’s uses a special mixture of 15 different herbs & spices. They also use this in their Squawk Sauce.

And now it comes on their new crispy-fried white meat chicken tenders. Rally’s previously only sold chicken bites and sandwiches.

But this addition to the menu is sure to be a hit; marrying the popular french fries and an American favorite — chicken tenders.

The fry-seasoned chicken tenders launch today and will be available in three, five, and eight-piece orders.

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