Coat Check owners have closed Heartbreaker, will move Landlocked Baking Company into space

Small Victories Hospitality owners Neal & Paul Warner wrote the following message on Instagram: 

“Hey pals. As many of you have heard, we decided to close Heartbreaker. Our final service was last night. It’s been super nice serving you all here. We’ve heard from a lot of you who have enjoyed our take on a burger joint, and that means so much. Most of this decision comes down to physical space and management bandwidth. When the previous spot left at the beginning of the pandemic, we took the gamble of getting a hold of that space because it gave us a kitchen and walk-in we could use for the whole operation, including Strange Bird and Landlocked. Thanks to you all, those spaces have continued to stay busy, and since Landlocked also supplies our cafes downtown, we have found ourselves running out of space in the back. As much as we love burgers and fries, we’re more in our element serving coffee, cocktails, ramen and pastry, and we’re going to narrow our focus to those. We’re going to move Landlocked Baking Company into the current Heartbreaker space and add some made-to-order brunch offerings and brunch cocktails. This move will allow us to increase our pastry production for our cafes, and free up more space for seating for Strange Bird / Shoyu Shop.

Many of you have reached out with such kind words and asked why we waited to break the news. While we would have loved to see all of you for a busy final weekend, many of our folks are in the process of transitioning into roles at our other spots or taking opportunities elsewhere, so we would be unprepared for that rush. You’ll be able to continue ordering the Heartbreaker menu at Strange Bird for a while longer. We’ll have updates about the timing of the Landlocked move soon. In the meantime we’re gonna leave comments off as we pause and reflect on this project and all of its ups and downs through the pandemic years.

Thanks so much for the continued support. The last couple years have been dicey for restaurants, but we’re hoping this latest covid surge will be the last and we can all enjoy patio season together.

All the best, Neal & Paul”

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