Ezra's Enlightened Cafe Is Closing, Last Day Will Be April 2nd

A letter from chef and owner Audrey Barrow on Instagram reads: 

“Dear friends,

The time has come for us to close our doors and start another chapter. Our last day open is April 2nd.

Ezra’s Cafe was birthed into this world in 2014 out of the desire to be part of making our community a healthier place to be.  A place for you to FEEL BETTER having eaten our food.

Ezra’s is not just a cafe to me….it has been a second home to my family and a place where I have made countless meaningful connections with you, our customers, some of you now life-long friends.  I’ve seen many of you grow your families, make friends here and even fall in love.  This little cafe has been full of life for over 7 years.

We were doing great prior to the pandemic. We planned to be here for many years.  These past two years of navigating constant rising food costs, food shortages, staffing shortages and more, have frankly chipped away at our sweet business.  We are able to source less and less organic, many items are doubling and tripling in price and I find us at a crossroads.  

I opened Ezra’s Cafe to be a place our customers know they can eat pesticide free GMO free food.  As more and more items on our menu are forced to be non-organic due to shortages or pricing that simply isn’t possible for us to sustain, it’s clear to me that it’s time to move on.

Ezras Cafe was all for YOU, our customers.

Without you coming through our doors every day, supporting us and encouraging us (because so many of you have been so kind and lavished us with love), we simply would not have existed. I hope that Ezra’s Cafe will be a place you look back on fondly.  I am deeply grateful for the connections I have made with you over the years. We have so enjoyed having our little corner of the world in Broad Ripple Village.

And before I end this message….I know that many of you will be interested in recipes ? I am writing a recipe book.  If you stay connected with us here on this newsletter list or with me at Gaia Chef you will be in the know on when that comes out.  I want everyone interested to be able to make some of our most loved cafe dishes.

In Deep Gratitude,
Chef Audrey”

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