Between the Bun is Closing This Weekend

Between the Bun shared the following message on their Facebook page:

”BTB Bids You a Fond Farewell.

Our last day of service will be Sunday 10/1/2023.

INDOT is once again having to redo their construction on Belmont Ave. This is the third time in two years that they have screwed things up on Belmont and had to tear up completed construction to make repairs on newly constructed roads. On 10/1, Banta Ave. will close as well completely cutting BTB off from that direction. That means you, as customers, will have only one access point to Between the Bun. The Southport Rd. entrance, which is already almost impossible to notice. In addition, that entrance is so backed up during peak traffic times due to ongoing construction that it will take you 20-30 min to get over the new bridge going either direction.

We have loved being your go to burger joint for the last 13 years. In the face of so much adversity, BTB has achieved a level of notoriety some can only dream of. From a shitty building/landlord to non-stop construction while in Greenwood. From Covid shutdowns to an unrecognizable entitled labor pool. From insane inflation & the government doing whatever possible to suffocate small businesses to again, non-stop construction complements of the I-69 project. BTB has continued to persevere. Until now.

With over 200 unique burger & hot dog creations. Seventy-five plus seasonings & sauces. Numerous awards & news articles to boast of. My goal twelve years ago, as I created the seasonings & sauces to use at backyard cookouts that would eventually birth BTB, was to bring the most insane & unique burger creations Indy has ever seen. From the backyard to selling sauces/seasonings at flea markets to a food truck traveling the state to where we are today, my goal has been achieved.

I have met thousands of great people over the years. Made a lot of friends and for the most part, had wonderful community support. Support that, if I hadn’t had, would have made it impossible for BTB to be so successful.

So, THANK YOU. Thank you for sticking by us. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for carrying us through the last thirteen years when things seemed most hopeless. Without you, I could not have realized the ultimate goal of being the best burger in the area, city or state even if only in my own mind. I appreciate your support more than you could ever know.

Come see us for our last week slangin meat. To our hardcore regulars, come say goodbye over your fav BTB product. I wish health and happiness to ALL those who have been a BTB customer in the past. Even those who love to hate.

Scott Sims

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