A few rules to keep our network safe and delicious for everyone.

EatHere is all about food and fun. Itʼs a place that gives people the power to make the world delicious.

To keep the awesomeness of our community going, treat your food friends as you would like to be treated.

Here are the basic rules. Please take them seriously and respect the spirit in which they were created.

No pornography unless its foodporn

EatHere is not for pornography or sexually explicit content.

No violence, gory and harmful content

Don’t post or comment with violent, gory content or content that encourages others to do things that might cause them to get hurt or to commit specific acts of violence. If posting graphic content in a news or documentary context, please be mindful to provide enough information to help people understand what’s going on in the content.

No hate speech and bullying

We don’t support content and comments that promote or condone violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status or sexual orientation, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred on the basis of these core characteristics.

No spamming, manipulation and multiple account abuse

Everyone hates spam. Don’t post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content and comments in order to increase views. Creating multiple accounts with overlapping uses or in order to evade the temporary or permanent ban of a separate account is not allowed.

No personal and confidential information

To protect the safety of private individuals, anything that reveals other people’s personally identifiable information (including personal social media accounts of non-public figures without the consent of the original party) is not allowed.

No illegal activities

Content depicting or advocating illegal activity will not be tolerated. Such acts may be reported to law enforcement and users committing these acts may be permanently banned from EatHere.

No impersonation

You may not impersonate others (person, group or brand) on EatHere in a manner that is intended to or does mislead, confuse, or deceive others.

No copyright and trademark infringement

Respect originality and creativity. Give credit where credit is due. We reserve the right to reclaim usernames on behalf of business or individuals that hold legal claim or trademark on those usernames. Accounts using business names and/or logos to mislead others may be permanently banned.


Contents and comments may be removed and account may be banned if fail to follow the above.

Now go and have fun! Thank you for helping us create the best food network.