Eat Here Indy

A Food Media Network For Today


Eat Here Indy is the leading independent and hyperlocal digital media network that delivers food news and entertainment to hundreds of thousands of people weekly around Central Indiana.

Our cross-platform network currently includes our site, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

We offer original and groundbreaking content from a millennial-driven perspective, allowing locals the ability to instantly share their food obsession through user-submitted content.

We aim to resonate authentically with our audience and create media that’s relevant, relatable and worth sharing.

Our media connects with viewers on an unmatched scale and plays a pivotal role in connecting people to Indianapolis restaurants and each other. We’re best known for our live video stories, eye-catching food porn, breaking restaurant news, and exclusive behind-the-counter content.

Next Gen Job Creation

Behind the scenes, Eat Here Indy fosters the next generation of video journalists, social media marketers and content creators with best practices in digital media and publishing. We empower a network of thousands of local contributors to create and share their passion for food every single day. 

Eat Here Indy offers skills and training in leadership development that strengthen the voice of the Indianapolis culinary community. We give personalized analytics and insight to our team to gain value and feedback for what is and isn't working.

Our Team


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