SoBro Favorite, The Sinking Ship, Closes

After a long and hard fight, the Broad Ripple bar and restaurant that’s become a second home to many Indy vegans and their carnivorous companions is saying its final goodbye.

While the Sinking Ship hasn’t posted anything on their own social media pages, they’ve been sharing the Instagram stories of their loyal customer base, which is flocking to the platform to say its last goodbyes to a place that’s become much more than a local watering hole over its last nine years in business.

The unassuming spot, full of personality and life, has amassed a cult following over the years, winning over its customers with its no-frills-menu that has something for practically everyone and anyone looking for a delicious, one-of-a-kind bite to eat.

We’ll miss you, The Sinking Ship.


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    • New management, new name, new menu. Sounds like a complete rebranding which means the Ship is effectively gone

  1. Old partner brought back in. Decided to axe everyone and hire new folks at lower wage. “I’m not pay people what you were paying them, I’ll hire new people. In this market people will be desperate.” Direct quote. All power to the workers, hope they land our their feet after this scumbag pulled the rug out.

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