From humble beginnings, EatHere started in the summer of 2015 in Indianapolis with one simple mission: To provide local food lovers authoritative content, credible news, information, and suggestions about restaurants.

Cofounders Bradley Houser & Austin Burris personally recognized the frustration within their food community of relying mostly on traditional mediums that saturated the market. With no go-to source for young people, conversations were happening on the food scene that weren’t quickly captured by print magazines and local tv news. Sharing their delicious food experiences online, the duo found that friends were seeking their guidance for the best places to eat for various occasions in Indianapolis.

Brad & Austin felt review platforms were too noisy and lacked original food media with curated news created for & by locals. In order to address this problem, EatHere was launched to offer online viewers a destination for fun, credible information, restaurant suggestions and local opinions that matter.