Press, Partnerships or General Inquiries

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EatHere can help you connect to our passionate audience by

Creating impactful content featuring your brand, custom to each social channel.

Activating your existing social audience to improve viewership and engagement.

Extending your message to the right audiences across our network.

The EatHere audience

Cities: 8 mid-major cities and growing

1MM+ engaged across our channels

96% live in Central Indiana

63% are women

37% are men

89% are ages 18-34

73% earn an average income of more than $55k

Things we could do together

SMS Engagement — Immersive engagement between brands and consumers through custom text solutions.

Paid Media – Naturally inject your message into our conversation with an authentic voice that best highlights your brand.

Video – We create compelling video campaigns to help you tell your story. This includes both short and long-form video for various channels including web, social, and tv.

Social – We value being authorities on every digital platform with a focus on connecting our clients to today’s online market, driving direct engagement to your business.

Influencers – Create influencer programs into your strategy to quickly build awareness, credibility and trust.

Activations – Develop comprehensive events that garner positive media and community attention. From dinners to festivals, we directly support your vision through focused, fun and entertaining environments.