Bazbeaux Pizzeria Celebrates Pride, Diversity, and Solidarity in the Face of Adversity Downtown

Popular Indianapolis pizzeria, ‘Bazbeaux,’  is the latest to show its support to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

After experiencing damaged property in the face of protests on Mass Ave. in Downtown Indianapolis this past weekend, the restaurant put out this initial post, showing its support for the cause that is continuing to shake the nation as we know it.

Rather than simply repairing the damages, the restaurant followed the lead of the Cunningham Restaurant group, choosing instead to hire local artist Gavin Spegal to paint a mural in honor of the Movement as well as Pride Month, which is being celebrated in a different manner this year.

In the post’s caption, the restaurant also threw shout-outs to Black-owned businesses and restaurants that they hope their customers continue to support in this time.

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