Indianapolis Spots Hold Week-Long Baking Event with a Purpose

On June 4th, Chef Rob Rubba of Oyster Oyster, D.C., and Scrappy’s Bagel Bar launched an initiative: Bakers Against Racism. Taking a stand against the blatant racism that has played out on the streets of the United States over the last month and so, so much longer, the initiative garnered a plethora of interest, including involvement from home chefs, bakers, and food establishments in Indianapolis.

This week, Indy coffee shop, ‘Provider,’ joins that initiative, promising to donate 100% of the proceeds to Indiana’s Pride of Color organization. The establishment is taking orders through June 18th via their Instagram bio link- orders will be ready for pickup on Saturday, the 20th.

Leviathan Bakehouse is another local spot that’s joined in, offering baked goods such as savory brioche (pictured above) and fluffy croissants for sale in order to raise money for the Indianapolis chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

They’ve raised over $2,000 over the last two days and momentum hasn’t slowed. The establishment is continuing to take orders to raise money for the Movement.

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