The Monon Yard brings new development to Broad Ripple

The developments Downtown at the Bottlesworks District and 16 Tech on the Westside have many excited for what’s coming. And now changes are coming to Broad Ripple — the Monon Yard.

The site, which previously was home to Broad Ripple Steakhouse and Ripple Inn, will be transformed into Indy’s newest mixed-use space.

Monon Yard will utilize shipping containers to house a variety of restaurants, also hosting an outdoor recreation area.

Construction plans have not yet been finalized but stay tuned for more announcements.


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  1. I am not a fan of more apartments in Broad Ripple but I believe that is better than vacant buildings all over the place! The steakhouse has been an eyesore forever.

  2. I think this will be a great addition to Broad Ripple. Something other than the dreaded m mixed use Apartment Buildings.

  3. This sounds exciting! Esp if they covert the entire corner, including where Brugge was, into one big gathering space and the containers are designed as nice as people do when they convert them into homes. It would be ever nicer if it were set up to support small businesses start up opportunities with pop up restaurant/ etc like the Fishers Test Kitchen…this could a really good thing if done right…

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