Evansville-based Parlor Doughnuts targets Indy as part of national expansion

Parlor Doughnuts started in Evansville, Indiana in February 2019 by Darrick Hayden, who formerly owned Proper Coffee, and Josh Tudela of Comfort by the Cross-Eyed Cricket.

The business quickly grew & now has 13 locations across the country, with another 10 in the works. A Bloomington store is set to open Tuesday, March 22nd.

Parlor is known for its proprietary-layered doughnuts of buttery dough, fried crispy on the outside while being light & fluffy on the inside. They offer more than 20 different daily options like french toast, strawberry shortcake, campfire and maple bacon.

The menu also has a decent variety of muffins, milkshakes, small breakfast items and coffee. Parlor has many seasonal and even secret menu items.

An Indianapolis location is said to be coming later this year, although no word has been released on when or where.

“For centuries, the parlor was the special room in the house where people came together to talk, and exceptional things happened.  It was usually the best-furnished room in the home where families could comfortably receive their guests,” Parlor’s website explains. “It was where great conversation took place. That is the environment we strive to create.  Vintage Americana feel with a modern twist!”

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