New Indy Summer Farmers Market Comes to Near Eastside Indy

Growing Places Indy, the host of the Indy Winter Farmers Market, is preparing to roll out its first farmers market in the summer that will serve the Near Eastside community beginning in May.

In partnership with the John Boner Neighborhood Centers, the Indy Summer Farmers Market will serve the Near Eastside community, bringing fresh locally-sourced food to all community members.

The goal is to help bridge the gap between the community, local farmers, and food producers, while also making food more accessible to neighborhoods that need it most. The summer market will accept SNAP and offer a Triple-Match SNAP program, meaning the market will match SNAP up to $20 with an additional $20 through Fresh Bucks per visit, and will also accept WIC to further ensure healthy foods will be available to all.

The Indy Summer Farmers Market will run every Wednesday from 4-7pm at 727 N Oriental St., located at the Chase Legacy Center, and every Saturday from 9am-1pm at 2302 E. 10th St., next to the John Boner Neighborhood Centers.

Interested vendors may apply for the Indy Summer Farmers Market at

“We are delighted that the Indy Summer Farmers Market has chosen to partner with the Near Eastside community in this important endeavor to bring fresh food to our neighbors,” said James Taylor, John Boner Neighborhood Centers CEO. “Food access has always been a critical issue for our neighborhood but the last two years has dramatically revealed the importance of efforts like these.” 

The Indy Summer Farmers Market will be a gathering hub with some of Indiana’s best local produce farmers, artisan food producers with delicious treats, sustainably-raised meats, dairy products, preserved and fermented foods, and more. Beyond food, the summer market will also shine a light on Indy’s talented artists and craftsmen and connect organizations to the local community.

“We are very excited to re-engage with the Near Eastside community through a new summer farmers market to further provide better access and connections to healthy food,” Growing Places Indy Executive Director Victoria Beaty said. “We strive to make fresh, locally-sourced foods accessible to all parts of the community, especially in pockets of the city that are underserved.”

For more information on the Indy Summer Farmers Market, visit

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