Milktooth is donating $3500 to a local black owned business nominated by followers

Milktooth shared the message below: 

“It’s not easy to know exactly how to celebrate Juneteenth as a non person or color. I believe feeling that small discomfort is important. American cuisine would not look anything like it does today or taste anywhere near as delicious without the monumental contribution of black cooks, chefs, historians or artists, not to mention the people who for so long served and nourished without any thanks or compensation. Milktooth will be donating a portion of our sales from YESTERDAY ($3500) to a local black owned business whether it’s one that already exists or is up and coming… that YOU nominate in the comments below. We donate from our service YESTERDAY so that this post does not become a form of marketing or self promotion. Our good friend and colleague Chef Michaelt Burgin will be making the final decision as to whom the direct donation goes to. Cutoff to nominate is midnight TONIGHT. I ENCOURAGE ALL MY FELLOW RESTAURANTEURS TO FIND SOME WAY TO GIVE SOMETHING TODAY AS WELL. “

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