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Indianapolis City Market

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The Original Gathering Place

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The Indianapolis City Market’s history is as rich as the promise of its future. When opened in 1886, the market ushered in a new tradition: an open space for the sale of meats and produce, The Original Gathering Place, if you will. Indianapolis City Market is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a vibrant downtown event destination. Today, the City Market offers patrons an experience that combines the best of both yesterday and today with a wide variety of eateries, retailers, coffee, and an all-Indiana craft beer bar with many merchants offering delivery services. This year the Indianapolis City Market will host the 25th Annual Original Farmer’s Market running May through October 2021. Indianapolis City Market Catacombs tours are regularly available in partnership with Indiana Landmarks. The Market features bocce ball courts, cornhole and ample outdoor seating to play and enjoy live music on occasion.